Therapeutic Laser

Celebrie Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer therapeutic laser therapy. Laser therapy is useful for post-surgical pain management, wound healing, lick granulomas, neurologic injury, stomatitis, muscle injuries, dental procedures, trauma/bruising, arthritis, and tendon/ligament tears.

Princess’ story

Princess had surgery at another hospital to remove a mass off of her hind leg. Surgery was successful but unfortunately Princess developed large areas of granulation tissue at the top and bottom of her incision that would crack and bleed. Despite bandaging and repeated surgeries the granulation tissue remained.
The owner heard about laser therapy and decided to bring her to Celebrie to give it a try. Within a short period of time the granulation tissue shrunk down and stopped cracking open and bleeding. Princess’ owner continues periodic laser therapy treatments to keep her granulation tissue to a minimum.

Princess’ leg prior to laser treatment

Princess’ leg after 2 months of laser therapy treatments